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June 20, 2011

In light of a massive amount of media bias against Ron Paul I feel it’s vitally important we do our best to make up for it with the tools we have available to us. Our best tool of course is the internet and that is why I’ve recently set up a Ron Paul news and information blog at I’ll be posting news and information related to Ron Paul on a daily basis and with your help we can share information from the blog across the internet and fight back against the media bias and corruption. To help us work together I’m going to be attaching the feed of this feedburner email list to the feed.  That means starting this week you will begin to receive news and updates from the blog.

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Thank you for all you do and let’s have our best year for liberty yet in 2012!


Trevor Lyman – Phil Moffett MoneyBomb

March 23, 2011

It’s time for the liberty movement to push back against the unconstitutional federal departments and today we have our best opportunity to do so in Phil Moffett.

Phil Moffett is a state sovereignty candidate running for Governor of Kentucky.  Phil is committed to using Jefferson’s principle of nullification to fight back against the Federal government. Phil has pledged to nullify the FDA, the DEA and the Dept. of Agriculture off of Kentucky farms…and that is for just for starters.

Please join us this April 4th-5th for a 48 hour money bomb in support of the Phil Moffet for Governor of Kentucky campaign.

Phil Moffett: Nullify the FDA, DEA and Dept. of Agriculture

March 15, 2011


Phil Moffett has a message for Washington DC: Stop Trespassing in Kentucky. Nullify Federal Regulations.

Louisville, KY – March 14, 2011

Nullification: Get the Federal Government off Kentucky Farms.

Kentucky’s Tea Party candidate for governor Phil Moffett calls on Governor Beshear to declare a right of nullification against unconstitutional power grabs from Washington DC. We need a “Kentucky revolution” against Federal regulations. Simply put, “Nullification of Federal agencies” means NO trespassing in Kentucky.

“Protecting Kentucky’s farmers, producers, and consumers from suffocating Federal regulations that kill jobs is imperative if we are to revive our economy,” Moffett said. “Soaring food prices make this a state of emergency. Kentuckians are more capable of taking care of themselves than far-off bureaucrats and it’s time to get the FDA, DEA and Dept. of Agriculture off our farms and defend Kentucky against this Federal choke-hold.”

In the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, Thomas Jefferson was the first to introduce nullification in response to a Federal attack on the great state of Kentucky. Jefferson said, “Whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers….a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.” Kentucky must again nullify. In the tradition of Jefferson, Phil Moffett is here to carry the banner of liberty forward for Kentucky once again. With Moffett’s leadership we will say NO to the Federal government when it claims powers not granted to them in the Constitution.

“The Tea Party is up in arms. The Federal government is spending and regulating us to economic death. Even with a $1.5 trillion deficit on the table Washington has only proposed $61 billion in cuts. If Washington isn’t going to cut the spending, we’re going to have to stop Washington ourselves by eliminating redundant and unconstitutional Federal departments. For example, Kentucky has its own department of Agriculture, so there is no need to pay for an additional Federal agency to do the same job. Kentucky needs real leadership to stop the madness and as governor I intend to give the tea party platform real teeth,” said Moffett. “The Tea Party message to Washington D.C. is very clear – We don’t need the Federal government in our daily lives. We are free and capable people. We can take care of ourselves.”

Nullifying the Federal regulatory agencies off our farms will incentivize the multi-billion dollar organic and natural food industries to invest in Kentucky — a move that would bring more jobs and more choices to our state. One such crop currently blocked by the DEA is industrial hemp. Right now we are importing industrial hemp products into the U.S. from 31 western industrialized countries including Canada worth hundreds of millions of dollars in textiles, clothing, fabrics, oils, rope, pet products and many other goods. We are needlessly exporting jobs and dollars that could be in the pockets of Kentuckians.

Regardless of what the Federal government says about industrial hemp, We only need to look at the success of the Canadian industrial hemp industry. We must bring this untold million dollar industrial hemp industry (and others) to our state and stop the Federal government’s stranglehold on Kentucky’s economy.

“Inspired by Thomas Jefferson, I’m calling on Kentucky and the Tea Party for their support in our fight” said Moffett. “As Governor, I will ensure Kentucky farmers economic opportunities, defend state sovereignty, and promote self reliance.”

Phil Moffett for Governor of Kentucky. You can support his campaign by visiting

Contact: Phil Moffett Campaign Manager, David Adams tel.859-537-5372

# # #

Introducing Phil Moffett

March 4, 2011

PhilForGovernorRon Paul often talks about “getting rid of all the departments”.  Because the departments are created by the Federal government many of us logically conclude that we must change the Federal government in order to end the departments.  Fortunately our founding fathers believed government power should be limited by many layers of checks and balances and so they gave to the states the right to nullify (the right to ignore) any Unconstitutional Federal government action or creation.  I bring all of this up because the word on the street is that Phil Moffett, who is running for governor of Kentucky, is making plans to pose some serious challenges to the Federal government via nullification.  I’ll tell you more on that when I know more but for now I hope you’ll enjoy this interview by Jack Hunter with Phil Moffett that took place in support of Rand Paul’s “The Tea Party Goes To Washington” Bookbomb.

Click here to hear the interview >>

If you would like to contribute to Phil’s campaign you can visit his website at

You can also follow Phil at his facebook, twitter and youtube pages.

Highlights and Interviews From “The Tea Party Goes To Washington” Bookbomb

February 25, 2011

#36 on Amazons Top Selling Books List

The book bomb was a great success and drove Rand Paul’s book up to #36 on Amazons Top Selling Books List.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  Of course it’s not too late to get your copy of the book.

Book Signing and Media Appearance Schedule

Rand Paul is embarking on a media and book signing tour to keep the momentum going.  The first stop of the book signing tour takes place on Saturday, 2/26 at 3p.m. at Warwick’s 7812 Girard Avenue La Jolla, CA 92037.  Click here for more media appearance and book signing dates.

Rand Paul on David Letterman

Here Rand Paul appears on the David Letterman show.  Unfortunately David Letterman doesn’t get it, but I do think David is being honest in his opinions and is trying to the best of his ability to understand.


Rand Paul and Phil Moffett on the Bookbomb Radio Marathon

Here is the Rand Paul interview from the bookbomb radio marathon:

And here is Phil Moffett from the same marathon (Phil Moffett introduced Rand Paul at CPAC and is running for governor of Kentucky):

Ron Paul in important Straw Poll today- help him win!

more information at

WeRefuse Update:

WeRefuse has passed the 400 member mark in it’s first week of re-launch.  There are over 14,000 petitions signers from the first petition drive.

Please create your free account today and support nullification in your state.

Rand Paul Book Bomb Today!

February 22, 2011

The Rand Paul Book Bomb is today!

Please visit to see a special video message from Jack Hunter about the bookbomb and to listen in live (starting at noon today) to the Bookbomb Radio Marathon.  Guests include Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Tom Woods and many more.

This Week: Ron and Rand Paul “Bombs” for liberty!

February 21, 2011

Ron Paul Bomb

A moneybomb for Ron Paul’s Liberty PAC is going on right now and all day today. Since he recently re-launched the PAC he has raised approximately $300K, and today we have seen over $50k raised so far. Please join in the fun and make your contribution at

You can see a chart of the day’s progress here:

Ron Paul Liberty PAC


Rand Paul Bookbomb “The Tea Party Goes To Washington”

Tomorrow starts Rand Paul’s “The Tea Party Goes To Washington” book bomb! To celebrate we’re holding an online radio marathon at featuring Rand Paul, Ron Paul, John Dennis and more. Check the website for lineup details being added throughout the day.

You can also participate in this book bomb and help sell books by using your Amazon affiliate bookseller links. If you don’t have an Amazon affiliate account I hope you’ll create one now. There will be other bookbombs in the future and the more people we have selling the books the better we’ll do in spreading the message of liberty. Go here to create your account: Then go to, grab the radio show links and include them in your blog post or on your website next to your book sales link and maximize the book sales you create for the event. The book bomb will take place from the 22nd to the 24th and the radio show will loop throughout that time period.

Bookbombs are a great way for us to spread the message of liberty. A best selling book gets a lot of media, spreads ideas of liberty and all of the contributors get a book for their efforts. Everyone wins! And remember, the Tea Party movement is a headless organization. That means there is a constant battle between the neo-cons and liberty republicans for it’s heart and sole. Let’s get behind this book bomb and help Rand Paul define the Tea Party movement, not Karl Rove and his evil cronies.

Thanks for your help with this event. If you know of anyone who might want to participate please forward this email on to them. Update

The Activist Centers launch is going well with almost 400 new members in just two days.  Please help us push forward this important nullification effort/community and create your account at  At the moment our petitions are focused on nullifying health care, but soon we will add petitions to nullify other unconstitutional federal efforts such as the TSA, the unconstitutional Federal money monopoly and more. Please create your free account now at and join this important effort!