Expanding the Ron Paul movement to the U.S. House and Senate.

Our government consists of three major branches. Each of them are bound with the task of keeping the other in line and in accordance with the constitution. Today all three branches have failed at this task in one way or another. The difficult truth is that fixing just one branch of our government will not solve our nation’s problems.

As the promise of Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential election draws near, another opportunity also presents itself: the congressional elections. If we are going to be a movement, stronger and more likely to succeed than any one man or any one political race’s outcome, then we must seize all opportunities to fix our government. Ignoring this year’s congressional elections, at a time when our country needs real change more than ever before, is not a mistake we can afford.

To help us start our reclamation of congress, Ron Paul has endorsed two candidates for the upcoming elections. Murray Sabrin is running for the United States Senate in New Jersey, and Jim Forsythe is running for the House of Representatives in New Hampshire. Now we have two additional opportunities to send a message to Washington.

These candidates need our help. We have shown when we act together we can accomplish incredible things. Let’s prove that the message of liberty will bring us together not just once, but again and again, until the calls of her distress are silenced forever.

Please visit Murray Sabrin’s fund raising pledge site ScholarOfFreedom.com

and Jim Forsythe’s pledge site at FlyToLiberty.com

and confirm your commitment to restoring honor, integrity and the constitution to the United States government.

Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.” – George Bernard Shaw

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