<– Take back the media!

To All Ron Paul Supporters And Our Friends In The Grassroots

This is the beginning, ladies and gentlemen. The beginning of the end for the stranglehold of the mainstream media. The beginning of the end for the masters in high places. The beginning of the end for the media blackout of the values and philosophies expressed by Ron Paul and other political candidates that share his views. The beginning of the time when we take our country back.

It starts right here, at We are forming a grassroots organization and movement that will carry the words and values of freedom off the Internet and out to those millions of Americans who only receive their news and entertainment from mainstream radio and television. As Dr. Paul himself said so well on February 9, 2008: “The neocons, the warmongers, the socialists, the advocates of inflation will be hearing much from you and me.” Indeed. The tired, empty mantras of “right and left,” of “conservative and liberal,” of “Democrat and Republican,” will no longer stand unchallenged in our mainstream media outlets. Freedom, prosperity, peace, hope—the great ideas are coming to America.

Here’s How

We’re starting our own grassroots media company. Basic Media, Inc. (in formation) will create, build and connect Internet based radio and television outlets for freedom voices and faces around the United States and worldwide. The newly forming company will develop a wide ranging array of interesting and entertaining content on the web, and transmit our shows to mainstream “off the Internet” people through a variety of communications technologies and strategies. We’re talking right now to syndicators, producers, advertising specialists, and our many grassroots friends about how this goal can best be achieved. These are friends with ideas; with skills; and with vision. Friends who understand how to develop and utilize top of the line content and the technologies needed for creation and transmittal of entertaining and informative radio and television shows to a “non Internet” mainstream audience. Very simply, we’re creating a new media network. And we’re inviting you to be part of it.

The Internet prototypes are already in existence. We in the grassroots have watched them take root over the course of the Ron Paul presidential campaign—and what tremendous work the early media pioneers have been doing! Two online radio stations have been up and running for months at and These volunteer radio outlets have provided a platform for dozens of outstanding radio hosts who spread the news of our Ron Paul movement 24/7 across the worldwide web. And the growth of online video capability has been even more impressive. The spontaneous creation of Youtube content about Ron Paul and his message is a grand story in its own right. has provided some powerful tools. And has broken new ground every day with video streams broadcasting in real time from events in the Ron Paul campaign. The core technologies are already in place for high quality content creation and delivery on the web, and Basic Media, Inc. will take this process to the next higher level with syndication and delivery platform strategies that carry our message to the radios and television sets of every household in America. Break the monopoly of the establishment media! Break the wall of silence that stifles voices of truth in our nation! Break the matrix. With Basic Media, Inc.

While “off Internet” content delivery is our first and most readily achievable goal, there is a second core aspect to what we’ll be doing in the new company. This whole process is all about organization, and communication, and the implementation of social networking tools that will bring people together as a positive force for change in America. There are many of us now. We are all across the country. So we need to find each other; to do business together; to share stories and strategies; and to build this grand freedom movement on a going forward basis that will flourish and thrive long after the 2008 presidential campaign is over. The inspiring work of grassroots organizers at; at; at meetup groups; and at other locations all across the Internet has shown us the great power of networking tools that are already in existence. The early organizers have started a process, and there is much to build upon. But the movement for change is barely beginning, and there’s so much more that we can do to bring people together. Building a nationwide/worldwide community—the second key goal of Basic Media, Inc.

Rick Williams and Trevor Lyman are the initial organizers and executive officers of the new entity in formation. For over 34 years, Mr. Williams has been a practicing lawyer in Los Angeles, California. He is a graduate of UCLA School of Law (JD 1973), where he served on the Board of Editors of the UCLA Law Review. Mr. Williams was a business administration major at Washington State University (BA 1969), and he worked in the finance and accounting group at Shell Oil Company before entering law school. Mr. Williams is an avid student of the Austrian school of economics, and he hosted radio shows throughout the Ron Paul presidential campaign talking about the Federal Reserve system and the practices of our bankers. Trevor Lyman became widely known as a grassroots fundraiser for the November 5 moneybomb, the Teaparty moneybomb, and RonPaul Mr. Lyman has been the subject of numerous media profiles and interviews as a result of his efforts, and he is perhaps the most recognizable name and face in the grassroots movement. You’ve seen what Trevor Lyman has done, and you know the results that he achieved for the Ron Paul campaign. Rick Williams and Trevor Lyman have been two of the activists, but we’re not here to speak of the past. The future is what matters. So this is what we’re planning to do.

Here Are the Specifics

Basic Media, Inc., the new corporation in formation, will be structured to create and transmit top quality radio and television shows using Internet technology platforms. We hope to draw from the enormous pool of talent that already exists in the freedom movement, and capture the very best content for packaging and distribution to mainstream radio and television outlets off the web and across the United States. Our “off Internet” distribution opportunities are wide ranging and diverse—everything from nationwide/worldwide satellite delivery to locally owned radio and television stations. We’ll pick and choose. We’ll select and utilize the most valuable and efficient delivery strategies that are available for our content.

How about cash flow? Like any other media outlet, our revenues will derive primarily from the sale of advertising time. Basic Media, Inc. will be operating as a “for profit” business, and isn’t that what it’s all about? Our goal and objective is to create and deliver high quality content, spread the values and philosophies that we believe in, and make a profit in the process. There are no guarantees of profitability, of course, and we all must recognize that media advertising is a highly competitive market. The effort to achieve profitability will be challenging, and we should not fool ourselves into thinking that high paying advertisers will magically appear on our doorstep. But advertisers are constantly looking for emerging markets and new ways to get their messages out to the community. And for the most part, existing media entities don’t own their advertisers. If we capture a mainstream audience, we believe the advertisers will follow. This is how the matrix can be broken.

Basic Media, Inc. is not a political entity, and we will not affiliate with existing or future campaigns of Ron Paul or any other candidate for elective office. We will fully and cheerfully comply with all “equal time” requirements of the Federal Election Commission and other election authorities. Indeed, we welcome the opportunity to compare (and contrast) our values and philosophies of freedom, prosperity, peace and hope with those of candidates seeking election under the banner of any political party. We can sponsor debates; host candidate forums; and provide analysis of candidate positions. Our content delivery platform can be used to shed the light of truth on any serious candidate for office, and we will work to replace the existing closed media system with a free marketplace of political ideas. Picture, for example, a debate session organized by Basic Media, Inc. where Ron Paul, John McCain and Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama all receive “equal time.” An intriguing thought, isn’t it? Nothing more need be said on the subject of political activism.

This document is an initial “solicitation of interest” issued pursuant to section 254 of Part 230–General Rules and Regulations, Securities Act of 1933. We are preparing a Regulation A initial public offering of stock over the Internet through the medium of electronic delivery of securities information. Basic Media, Inc. (the newly forming company) will offer a total of 500,000 shares of common stock to the public at a price of $10 per share, with a minimum purchase requirement of 10 shares per individual purchaser. If the offering is fully subscribed and sold, the public shareholders of Basic Media, Inc. will own a total of 41.67% of the outstanding common stock of the company as of the closing date. You may indicate your interest in participation in the stock offering by visiting the website, entering your email address and pressing pledge at the top of the page. Thereafter, you might wish to visit this website at for information as to when the Offering Circular will be ready for review, and when binding stock subscription documents will be available for delivery. To the extent needed, we will also provide email updates regarding our progress.

Basic Media, Inc. is organizing as a grassroots response to the deficiencies that are so glaringly obvious in our existing mainstream media structure. The company founders are confident and hopeful about our prospects for success, but none of us should underestimate the scope of the challenge that lies ahead. It’s a big task, and our success depends on your help, your talents, your energy, and your commitment to the goal of bringing real change to America. So tell us your ideas for the new venture. Write to either of us at the email addresses on this page. Share with us your talents, and let us know your views about how the new entity might best fulfill its mission. This document is the first step in a lengthy securities offering process, and please take careful note of the following rules and requirements issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission:

(1) No money or other consideration is being solicited at this time, and if sent in response, will not be accepted;

(2) No sale of the securities will be made or commitment to purchase accepted until delivery of an offering circular that includes complete information about the issuer and the offering;

(3) Any indication of interest made by a prospective investor involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and we close this letter with a few simple words that Ron Paul has spoken often on the presidential campaign trail. Dr. Paul says: “Let’s have fun!”

Very truly yours,

Basic Media, Inc. (in formation)

Rick Williams
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Trevor Lyman
Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer

We are not associated or affiliated with Ron Paul or his campaigns for President and Congress.

75 Responses to <– Take back the media!

  1. Dianne-took-the-red-pill says:

    Brave to all my patriotic friends who’ve stepped forward to play ball with agent Smith’s media monopoly.

    Government has been sadly and seditiously absent in dispensing justice against monopoly formation of media and actually enjoyed a fascist relationship therein FAR TOO LONG.


  2. Ben Midulla says:

    Great. I can’t wait for the Offering Memorandum.

  3. Frederick A Shoemaker says:

    I am very interested in this endevor and would purchase at the very least the minimum shares.
    14 Werger Rd
    West Sand Lake NY 12196

  4. sofia meyen says:

    Interested in stock! Great news!

  5. Larry Cooney says:

    I’m in – am I supposed to do something else besides this reply?


  6. Nathan C. says:

    Sounds ambitious! I like it!
    I look forward to hearing more.


  7. Emilie says:

    I may be just one, but this movement has my complete admiration, for I expect the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Ron Paul has bravely brought truth and morals back into focus. Anything is possible in this lifetime. Best of luck.

  8. Antony Reed says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… Let the movement, begin.

    “Let it not be said that we did nothing.”
    – Ron Paul

  9. bjreid says:

    Good Idea & Much Needed
    I am interested in being a stockholder
    pending review of the offer.

  10. Bill LAnphar says:


  11. Wayne B says:

    Count me in! I’ll pledge to buy at least the minimum shares.

  12. SPIKEpilot says:

    Excellent! I’ll be ready for 100 shares whenever you are!

  13. Mike says:

    I see no reason not to pledge for at least 100 shares…if I like what I see I will probably go for more. BTW was there a reason, that I maybe don’t understand, why WTPRN was not mentioned?

  14. Jon says:

    Definitely in on this one! What an outstanding idea.

    They key is using the existing infrastructure (i.e. websites and their followers) that back Paul to move into this movement as a way to take back the biased media that defeated Paul in the first place (along with minor vote fraud here and there), I swear 80% of Paul supporters I know that are above 25, voted for someone else cuz they thought “he couldn’t win”, but if they had all voted for him, he would of won (example washington state this last week all three candidates were in the 20%’s, imagine all the Paul-can’t-win votes that went elsewhere!).

  15. birgit(TookTheRedPillAlso) says:

    Count me in also.I would love to be part. Way to go PATs!!!!!

  16. Louis Pontarelli says:

    Please inform me of the investment opportunity as soon as it becomes available. I believe this can be a very successful venture.
    Thank you,

  17. It is with the greatest of interest and confidence that I share your vision to “break the matrix” and develop Basic Media, Inc. I look forward to this investment opportunity. Keep me posted as to when there will be a formal offering. My service, APOGEE Learning Enhancement Training Systems™ is a “break the matrix” enterprise. The time has come for those of us who have taken “the red pill” to unite for a new era. BRAVO!!!

  18. Carmen Breen says:

    Sounds great looking forward to hearing more. I’m interested in the minimum shares.

  19. Terry Greco says:

    I’m in! I can’t wait to invest in something this conscious and exciting. Plus I used to sell radio spots for a Top 40 station a long time ago. Maybe I can work here too. Looking forward to receiving the Offering Memorandum.

  20. Michael says:

    Sign me up for 100 shares. Content is the key. How about an investigative report on who owns the Federal Reserve, then followed up by a story about what is a Neo-Concervative, as topics for the pilot programming. We need to talk about topics the mainstream media will not touch, or waters down, with honest discussion using blogger language. We must steer away from the behavioral modification practices used by the MSM.

  21. Adam Yonce says:

    I’m in! Can I help with anything? I am a Ham and have a pretty good understanding of IP technologies. US Army trained in commo, and now a communications software engineer, in Franklin. Hardcore Ron Paul supporter and always after a good challenge.

  22. Allen Korbel says:


  23. daniel bono says:

    I’m in

  24. Kevin says:

    Great idea guys. I am in for 100 shares.

    “Freedom is popular!” -Ron Paul

  25. Joseph A. Cavaluzzi says:

    Yes-This is Great ! “More Seeds to Be Sown”
    Let’s Do It.


  26. 1440 minutes says:

    Sounds fantastic, but would need more information before investing.

    BTW, I am a psychologist with organizational consulting background. And a strong RP supporter and libertarian. Maybe I can help.

  27. Pete Watson says:

    I’m a college student but I will buy some IPO’s if reasonably priced. I also think you would do well to sell some hats or t-shirts etc… There is a site called liberty maniacs that has creative stuff, perhaps you all can place some items there. Anyway, good luck and I’m praying for you!

  28. Mike Baz says:

    If Canadians can buy share, I’m in.

  29. Joanne Brown says:

    This is IT!!!!
    I’m in for 30 to 100 shares, can’t wait. I have been selling advertising for a National Tour for years. Have ideas which I will pass on.
    And this wouldn’t have happened without Ron Paul!

  30. Dick G. Fields says:

    Congratulations on an excellent and needed idea. Count me in as an investor when the time comes. In addition, I have a media background going back to 1968 in radio programming and advertising sales, print advertising sales, television programming and writing for magazines. You can view a program I am currently involved in at at 8pm Thursdays or Noon Fridays Pacific time. I’m not about to give up my day job (fund raising for a liberty oriented non-profit) but I’d be happy to share my expertise, such as it is.

  31. Maria S. Weaver says:

    Count me in! May God Bless this endeavor.

  32. Once again faith, promise and vision create new horizons and TRUTH shall rise. Our voices shall not be silenced, our souls not sold, our freedoms not bartered, our liberty not forsaken. APPLAUSE … hear the new awakening.

  33. Cathy Vallecorsa says:

    I am in!
    I’m 61yrs. A cancer survivor (of alternative therapies the FDA is trying to undermine.) and certainly have learned to value the time we have here on Earth. I will do everything I can to support health freedom and the principles that guided our founding fathers. I pledge that I will never again in my lifetime be complacent about my government. Ron Paul cured my apathy for sure. I only hope to spread far and wide the rEVOLution of honest govt., honest leaders who pledge to defend and support the Constitution of the United States in every decision they make. God help us if we don’t continue with this mission. God bless you for your efforts.

  34. Kay Fischer says:

    I am interested in, at the very least, the minimum shares.

  35. Bonnie James says:

    Sounds like a great idea, count me in as well.

  36. Dan Hall says:

    I’m in. My organization is in. It’s about time we got good news. Best of the best Trevor and William. Dan Hall Supports Ron Paul

  37. Craig M Edge says:

    Count me in for at least 100 shares. Please keep me posted. I had mentioned this same sort of thing to several people and they all agreed that it was needed, so I know that there is a demand for this sort of venture. Keep up the good work.

  38. sistagirl86 says:

    I’m in….I’d like to be able to watch TV again without yelling at it.

  39. Robert Page says:

    Sounds great! Count me in and keep those communications coming

  40. mdjosyf says:

    I am in. I’ll buy shares. This is worth more than gold. With patriots like Trevor Lyman spearheading this important project, we can’t go wrong.

    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We can do it!

  41. William Van Stockum says:

    I’m in for 100 shares, pending review of the prospectus. Great idea with what appears to be a good team.

  42. Joan Carson says:

    Count me in for the minimum shares at this time and as a retired film producer will offer my services if you can use them. Great idea – let’s make it soar! JC

  43. Robert Nadelin says:

    Fair and Ballanced? RIGHT! This idea has been long overdue. I’m sure that most people feel something is wrong with the country, but with our blessed media? Lets ALL get behind this and wake them up! Count me in!I’ll do 100+shares

  44. timnohio says:

    I look forward to FINALLY getting some REAL “fair and balanced” news. I will pledge at least the minimum, maybe more! “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”-Thomas Jefferson

  45. The truth will set us free ! I’m in.

  46. James Maziarz says:

    This is amazingly wonderful what you are doing, I want to be a part of your project!

  47. Jim Berry says:

    Well, there goes the neighborhood – and it is high time the talking heads meet their match. I’m in for a penny, in for a pound. I don’t know how much money I’ll have when the offering comes around, the way I operate, sometimes I’m busted and sometimes I have cash on hand, I gamble.

  48. mario carrillo says:

    wonderful idea and sounds like it will work,only thing as ted turner and bet found out,,whats to prevent the zionist media stranglehold from taking it over by merger or hostile takeover ,,

  49. Tom says:

    It is going to be a long haul trying to procure a large corporation,(the board wont go for this) who is part of the system to purchase time and space for the advertising that it will take to make it work. (thanks to NAFTA) There isnt enough independent U.S.A. corporations to sustain. Or maybe not. Im willing to give it a go……IM IN!

  50. TJS says:

    I am interested in taking the minimum risk.

  51. Adam Zettler says:

    Excellent. Can Canadians participate in this venture?

  52. Libba Flowers says:

    The Revolution for truth and freedom shall continue! What an excellant idea. Looking forward to your updates. Count me in.

  53. Dave Jewett says:

    I am in and I will purchase at least the minimum number of shares.

  54. Randy says:

    Count me in

  55. FANTASTIC Idea!
    I’d like to buy some shares AND work for this company! (Talk about getting satisfaction from your work.)

  56. Wes says:

    Love the idea, it’s been around for a few months. Glad someone is finally doing something about it.

  57. Gil Jones says:

    Fantastic idea. Limitless possibilities. I’m in too!

  58. Donna says:

    This is a fantastic idea! Bravo!

    “…you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

  59. Brooke Moore says:

    I’m in!

  60. Back2WeThePeople says:

    Everyone knows Our Government is broken. And now, all Ron Paul, supporters and many other patriotic Americans have no doubt that the MSM is broken (subverted) also.

    Time to get the Corporate U.S. TV News Media back to the intended mission of a ‘free press’ in order to truly inform We The People with fair & balanced, unbiased truth, something that is sorely lacking in the current elitist controlled MSM.

    MSM owned by We The People? An Idea whose time is here. Count me in for at least the minimum shares.

  61. Thank you for a great investment opportunity. Count me in for the 50 shares at least and possibly more.

  62. roalyn says:

    I’d like to buy some shares, also to vounteer,
    well done

  63. I look forward to a place for honest media! It’s been too long that what America watches and sees has been chosen for us.

  64. John Danforth says:

    Pledge. Count me in.

    A link to a pledge page should have been included inline in the email.

  65. Chris says:

    Count me in, I hope Canadians can get involved. I am a cancer survivor and I do not like what I see happening here and in the US will alternative medicine and of course our money and our freedom. I want to buy shares!!!

  66. Dave Burkhead says:

    I have been looking for some way to help spread the message that we have to either support our Constitution or lose our freedom. This is the best idea I have heard to date. Count me in for at least 50 shares!

  67. Jim says:

    I was concerned that you were going to let that presious mailing list go to waste. I will be buying shares in this endevor. Please let us know when we can buy in.

    Let freedom and truth ring,
    Jim Davis

  68. Samuel Cross Jr. says:

    count me in- we need to break the controlled media stranglehold on info dissemination( thatis the false info)-I will buy shares- let me know where I can make a pledge.
    Sam Cross

  69. Carl says:

    I think this is a great idea! I live in upstate NY but work in Manhattan. Radio talk shows are generally what I preferred to keep abreast of current events, but not since ~2003. I’ve since realized that the air waves are filled with empty truths and more status quo – protect the rich and powerful. This protection comes at the working class’s expense by encouraging and placing huge debts upon ourselves and future generations that we can never repay. We are becoming slaves to mega corporations and the MSM is a weapon designed to keep us unaware.

    I owe the beginning of my awareness and breakout from the ‘Matrix’ to G. Edward Griffin’s work. Particularly, his two books The Creature From Jekyll Island and The World Without Cancer.

    I’d be surprised if he is not one of your sponsors already.

  70. Marie says:

    Why are Jerry DeFoe & Melinda Pillsbury-Foster slamming this effort on rprradio? Are they jealous? Do they want to make sure that this movement stays small so they can be big fish in a little pond?

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