, July 4th multi-candidate fund raising event

Digg! is a multi-candidate fund raising day event organized by BreakTheMatrix on behalf of a slate of outstanding candidates who all share the values and philosophies of freedom. These are the people who will change America for the better! To elect them in November, 2008, they need our support right now. We’ve gathered the best candidates together on a single slate, and we’re asking you to contribute $100 or more on FREEDOM DAY– July 4, 2008.

Check back with us regularly at or at for updates. We’re still adding candidates to the slate, and the list is growing. Let’s take back the country– beginning right here, and starting right now! Our country hasn’t been lost; it’s simply fallen into the wrong hands. These are the candidates to change all that.

Each candidate will have an individual ticker on his/her campaign website to show the progress, and we will follow the running totals candidate by candidate and on an aggregate basis right here at The July 4 contribution can be divided among multiple candidates, or you can donate the entire pledge amount to a single candidate. It’s your choice, but we say this– every slate candidate stands for the values of freedom, and every slate candidate is worthy of your support.

If you believe in America and what it stands for, then you understand a return to the checks and balances of power and a return to the constitution can only be achieved by reclaiming congress. If you want your country back you must regain representation from your representatives. At we’re coming together and making it happen.

Please visit and pledge to support these freedom candidates now!

Promotion tips for this event:
If you would like to help promote the event here is a list of things you can do:

  • Contact your favorite media (online, offline, radio, blog, website, newspaper, etc.) and tell them about the event. Call in live to a radio station and get on the air!
  • StumbleUpon – please stumble the site! To stumble: download the toolbar from StumbleUpon, then visit and click the thumbs up icon.
  • Pease forward this email to your friends and family


Trevor Lyman

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