Ron Paul endorses!

It’s been a banner day at… This morning, we were thrilled to receive a personal endorsement from Ron Paul himself!  Read on to see what he had to say about the importance of our mission to spread the message of freedom across the country.

* * *

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We made history twice during the presidential campaign and introduced a new concept in political fundraising – the money bomb. Tens of thousands of individuals just like you rallied around one day to donate.

Instrumental in inventing and developing the money bombs was Trevor Lyman. He was the organizer behind the two big dates, Nov. 5 and Dec. 16. Believe it or not, I never met Trevor until after the money bombs, so it goes to show the power of our message and the grassroots. This was your campaign.

Now, Trevor has started his own project to break the media establishment. Appropriately titled Break the Matrix , Trevor’s media organization is focused on bringing our message to the airwaves.

Break the Matrix seeks to produce unique content for radio, television, and new media. Currently, they are working hard to obtain access to television stations across the country. I look forward to their success. Our message is too important not to spread.

To join Break the Matrix, please visit their website at

In liberty,

Ron Paul

* * *

This July 4th, celebrate with us by participating in our FreedomSlate08 money bomb.  We’ve assembled a group of 25 freedom candidates running for Congress, and they need your help! These are the people who will help bring real change — our change — to this nation… and they can do it now, in this election! Over 1000 have already pledged to donate – please join them today! Visit for more details.

And be sure to tune in to on the 4th – we’ll be broadcasting LIVE all day and night as we launch our new online video cable platform. Enjoy the 4th with family, friends and a whole host of freedom talkers as we announce the donation totals for FreedomSlate08 as they rise throughout the day.  It will be a day to remember – please share it with us!

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