Money Bomb Extended – Monday July 7th, Midnight

We would like to thank everyone who donated yesterday for the 4th of July FreedomSlate08 money bomb.  We launched our Live TV network, celebrated the money bomb and at the end of the day we raised a little over $17,000 for the candidates.  We’re very grateful to all who participated!

The holidays can be very busy between traveling and spending time with family.  With so much excitement and so much to do it can be easy to miss finding the opportunity to donate.  To make sure everyone who wants to contribute gets the chance to do so, we’re extending the money bomb through the weekend and into one work day.  The donations deadline is now Monday, July 7th at midnight.

Real change in 2008 is still available to us, it requires participation.   Please join us in our efforts to take back congress and donate now to your favorite candidate(s) at

Here are the donation charts for last night. You can click the donate button to give to any of the candidates below.

$2,195 Michael Delavar, Washington, 3rd District Website youtube
$2,071 Carl Bunce, Nevada, 3rd District Website youtube
$1,695 Bob Bird, Alaska, Us Senate Website
$1,652 Allan Stevo, Illinois, 10th District Website youtube
$1,295 Collins Bailey, Maryland, 5th District Website youtube
$1,185 Michael Benoit, California, 52nd District Website youtube
$1.030 David Gay, New York, 25th District Website youtube
$935 BJ Lawson, North Carolina, 4th District Website youtube
$820 David Casey, Texas, 24th District Website youtube
$586 Steven Vasquez, New York, 21st District Website youtube
$563 James Smack, Nevada, 2nd District Website youtube
$456 Chris Dyer, Nevada, 1st District Website youtube
$405 Dean Santoro, Florida, State Rep, 35th District Website youtube
$360 John Cunningham , Mass, 7th District Website
$297 John Wallace, New York, 20th District Website youtube
$115 Mike Hargadon, Maryland, 7th District Website youtube
$80 Linda Goldthorpe, Michigan, 1st District Website
$65 Jaynee Germond, Oregon, 4th District Website youtube
$30 Teresa Sheppard, Tennessee, 3rd District Website youtube
not available Peter James, Maryland, 4th District Website
not available Delia Lopez, Oregon, 3rd District Website youtube
not available Allen Buckley, Georgia, U.S. Senate Website youtube
not available George Lilly, Colorado, 1st District Website youtube
not available Dan Druck, Illinois, 14th Dsicit Website youtube
not available Dave Brownlow, Oregon, U.S. Senate Website youtube
not available Richard Matthews, Maryland, 2nd District Website youtube

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