Supporting HR 1207

I was looking for a way to ask that we all start using Ron Paul’s HR 1207 banner as our facebook profile pictures.  As we have all seen, when many of us use the same picture we achieve a very powerful and viral marketing effect.  Fortunately I no longer have to write that request email because Matt Sistrunk has done it for me.  I’m forwarding to you his email and request that we all support Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill in this powerful and easy way.

You’ll find the image we’re using here:   If you choose to join in, please save the image and then upload it as your default picture on facebook (or myspace, etc.)

You can say hi to Matt on facebook here:

Here is Matt’s email to me:


How much do you know about the Federal Reserve? I’ve been studying it for the past 12 years and have concluded that it is the single most pervasive issue negatively affecting every American, as well as people worldwide. It is more harmful than the pseudo issues that distract and divide Americans along political, racial and socio-economic lines, while the biggest threat to American freedom and sovereignty operates fraudulently without scrutiny or accountability. We must expose, end and punish the Federal Reserve fraud as soon as possible if we are to preserve a free, sovereign America for our children and grandchildren.

We have made tremendous strides in the freedom movement over these past couple of years. Now we must encourage our spheres of influence to eliminate the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul has given us HR 1207 with its 58 co-sponsors as a great starting point. We must raise awareness about this legislation and unify Americans around it. The intent is to unify people with truth.

What has happened recently with these Tax Day Tea Parties is a hijacking of the freedom movement by neoconservatives shamelessly piggybacking on our message for their own political gain. It’s a disgusting waste of grassroots effort and publicity for us to allow such an injustice. The powerfully unifying issue of a Federal Reserve private banking cartel controlling our government and money supply is being overshadowed by the divisive issue of excess government spending.

Believe it or not, a huge percentage of Americans are FOR out-of-control government spending. Among those are people supporting Barack Obama without looking at his actions during the first months of his presidency. Mainstream media spins the excess government spending debate in favor of neoconservative and socialist interests, which only keeps Americans divided and powerless to solve our real problem, the Fed controlling our government and money supply. It’s nearly impossible for anyone to spin the very unifying Federal Reserve exposure that is now gaining momentum, even in the mainstream media.

I’ve seen Ron Paul speak very candidly and powerfully about the Federal Reserve many times on mainstream media over the past several months. The Fed should be our laser beam focus, for the purpose of unifying all Americans around a common cause, rather than dividing Americans over a debatable issue that only promotes the political status quo. We have the power and opportunity to break that status quo once and for all by blasting the public with information about the Federal Reserve problem, and the HR 1207 solution. This first domino will get others to fall in favor of our freedom movement rather than favor the neocons and socialists, who occupy both Democrat and Republican parties. Let’s break their grip on American hearts and minds by persuading our spheres of influence to eliminate the real problem, the Federal Reserve, rather than allowing our spheres of influence to become divided over mere symptoms of the real problem.

I see a lot of “Don’t tread on me” flags as profile pictures on Facebook. The flag is appropriately symbolic, but practically divisive. I am following your lead to use the “Support HR 1207″ sign as my Facebook profile picture, which makes a powerfully effective statement to a growing group of like-minded individuals able to spread this message virally worldwide. That’s how we raised over $6 million in 24 hours. Let’s use this similar technique to shut down the Federal Reserve.

I’m preaching to the choir by telling you these things, but encouraging you to get others on board with an effective technique of spreading the word quickly. I’m using your profile picture idea, so feel free to use this letter, if it can help us get our spheres of influence to follow your lead. There’s no plagiarism for freedom.

Best regards,

Matt Sistrunk”



Trevor Lyman

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