Rand Paul Money Bomb Aug 20th


Dear Patriots,

Ron Paul’s son, Dr. Rand Paul, is running for U.S. Senate representing Kentucky in 2010 and he needs your help! You are receiving this e-mail because you helped make history during Congressman Ron Paul’s 2007-08 bid for U.S. President, by setting one-day fundraising records on one or both of Dr. Paul’s money bombs.

The Money Bombs Made A Huge Difference

Your participation in the November 5th and TeaParty07 money bombs helped push Ron Paul and his message of limited government, strict constitutionalism, and individual liberty to the forefront of national attention.

Though your success did not result in an electoral victory, it was a major strategic and political win for the liberty movement. It showed our viability, our numbers, and our ability to organize quickly, spontaneously, and effectively on a grassroots level to accomplish a specific (and very audacious!) goal.

Furthermore, your generosity has fueled the political efforts of Ron Paul’s perpetual Campaign for Liberty, which- as you may already know- has been instrumental in the success of Congressman Paul’s historic legislation, H.R. 1207 A Bill to Audit the Federal Reserve, which now has a majority of the House co-sponsoring it.

The Next Generation of Liberty Candidates

Last of all, the movement you helped start has spawned liberty candidates like Ron Paul in states and congressional districts all over these United States, who plan to run for office in 2010 and take back Washington for We The People! Among them is Ron Paul’s own son, Rand Paul, an FEC-registered candidate for U.S. Senate representing Kentucky in 2010.

Dr. Rand Paul is a practicing physician in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He is a career doctor with his own private practice, not a career lawyer or politician. Like his father, he has a clear diagnosis for our nation’s problems: its government is too big, unresponsive, and corrupt. It makes policy that is good for Washington politicians and bureaucrats, but bad for America.

You can read more about Rand Paul at his official website.

Rand Paul for U.S. Senate 2010 Needs Your Help

I am writing you today because Rand Paul needs your help. He has an excellent opportunity to capture another seat on Capitol Hill for liberty and constitutional government. Having a Senator who is committed to our ideals will allow key legislation like H.R. 1207 to advance more quickly in both houses of Congress. It also gives us more leverage because U.S. Senators hold more sway and influence over Washington politics and are less constrained by complicated rules and formal power structures like their colleagues in the House of Representatives.

As exciting as this opportunity is, Rand Paul cannot win the Kentucky primary or U.S. Senate seat without the funds a political race like this requires. Unlike his potential opponents in Kentucky’s Republican primary, Rand won’t be getting donations from rich lobbyists, special interests, or the entrenched party establishment- though he has already had two successful “mini-bombs” and raised over $100,000 from grassroots supporters like you!

Join us for a Rand Paul Money Bomb this August 20th (Congressman Ron Paul’s birthday), and give Ron Paul the best present he could hope for, a Dr. Paul in the other house of our nation’s Congress! Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 in one day to help get Rand Paul in our nation’s Senate, a great leap forward in securing our liberties!

RunRandRun.com – The Aug 20th Rand Paul Money Bomb

We can accomplish this by bringing together 10,000 people to donate $100 each, creating a one day donation total of $1,000,000. Please subscribe via feedburner on the Money Bomb website (RunRandRun.com) to confirm your commitment to donate. You will receive periodic emails with our total number of subscribers. In this way we will know exactly where we stand in our efforts. Again our goal is 10,000 subscribers.

Please go to the website and pledge now. Please help spread the word. Thank you!

-Trevor Lyman
Webmaster and Administrator,

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