Randy Brogdon moneybomb today!

Today is Randy Brogdon’s money bomb day.  Please visit www.RandyBrogdon.com and give all you can.   Even $5 makes a difference.

Randy will be on PFPMovementRadio at 6:45 EST (and I will be on at 6:00pm EST).  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pfpmovementradio

Below is an email I received from Randy a short while back that helped create my interest in his campaign.  As you will see Randy already has a history of working for reform.  As Governor Randy will fight for much more needed reform.  Most importantly he will excercise the 10th Amendment and free the state of Oklahoma from the shackles from Washington.

* * *

Dear Patriot,

We must stop the Obama “Change” that has come to America. The assault on our freedom from Beltway politicians and bureaucrats has risen to pandemic proportions.

If you believe as I do, in limited government, individual liberty, and the expansion of freedom then please “Join my Team” as we restore our American birthright of freedom.

I’m Randy Brogdon, a Constitutional Conservative running for governor in the State of Oklahoma. I am asking you to invest in my campaign as we restore our Constitutional Liberty.  www.randybrogdon.com

As a senior in high school, I loaned my dad $500 and my 1963 Chevy so he could fulfill his great American dream and start our family air conditioning business. For thirty years I have continued to build our company and have served as a citizen legislator in the state senate for the last seven years.

My legislative service in the senate has been that of reform. I have sponsored the:

  • 10th Amendment Resolution
  • Opted out of the Federal Real ID Act of 2005
  • Stopped the NAFTA Superhighway coming through Oklahoma
  • Repealed the state call for a Constitutional Convention
  • Passed the Taxpayer Transparency Act
  • Sponsored the Taxpayer Bill of Rights
  • Term Limits for all state wide elected officials
  • Ballot Access

I will bring a unique perspective to the governor’s office due to my extensive business background coupled with my legislative service. Too often our governors have been career politicians and trial lawyers.

The most unique qualification I would bring as governor is my understanding and appreciation Constitutional principles. The status quo will be in danger if I have the opportunity to serve as governor.

America has been changed and I don’t like it.  I’m calling for something different, I’m calling for restoration.  I want the values of our founding fathers restored in the heart and mind of every American that loves liberty and is still willing to defend it.

If you believe like me, then I need your help!  We have a narrow window of opportunity to stop the abusiveness of Washington D.C.  Take Action Today!  Invest in my campaign $5  $10  $50 or even $100. www.randybrogdon.com Together we can restore our American birthright of Freedom!

* * *

Thank you for your support of Randy Brogdon on this important day in his campaign.


Trevor Lyman

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