, “For Liberty” movie

As you well know two years ago we came together to create the second largest internet fund raising day ever, and the very first fundraiser of it’s kind.  This year we have a lot of excellent freedom candidates running for office and with November 5th just around the corner it only seemed logical to throw a multi-candidate money bomb at  There are ten great candidates listed on the site right now and more will be added soon.  The pledge amount has been lowered to allow people to pledge to more than one candidate more easily.

By holding all the fundraisers for the candidates on one day we can all work together to promote our freedom candidates with one effort, rather than divide our efforts between ten or more different fund raising events.  And by holding all of the fundraisers on one day we can keep a running total of how much we raised, and if we make the event big I’m confident the headlines will reflect that “Ron Paul inspired candidates raised millions online”.

The word on the street is the GOP is in disarray and they are looking for a makeover.  Let’s make a statement on this November fifth and let them know that WE are the future of the Republican party, and that together we can return this nation to constitutionally based conservative values.

Please check out and pledge for your favorite candidates.  Let’s work together to make this day a huge success. - multi-candidate mass donation day

While we’re touching on the topic of past and future grassroots accomplishments it’s a great time to mention that the “For Liberty” movie is now on sale.  This wonderful documentary brings to life many of the uplifting and sometimes crazy things we did together to spread the message of Ron Paul and liberty.  It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will make you proud that it will not be said that we did nothing.

You’re really going to want your own copy.


Trevor Lyman

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