The Peter Schiff Money Bomb is today!

Peter’s Schiff’s most important moneybomb yet is happening right now!  If you haven’t donated today, please join us in helping Peter Schiff fight for freedom in America.

Donate at the official campaign site:

This is the most important moneybomb yet because the Republican convention in CT is later this month.  Schiff will show the delegates that he has the ability to raise money.  Peter will need all the help he can get to beat Dick Blumenthal a.k.a. Dodd 2.0.

Some key points about the race to encourage your donation:

  1. Peter Schiff has contributed at least $500,000 of his own money.  He is very serious about winning.
  2. He also continues to travel throughout CT and meet with Republicans in each town.  His speaking ability is his strength in this race, and it is working.  See for yourself: click here.
  3. Six Republican Town Commitees, as well as tea party leaders, have recently endorsed Peter Schiff for Senate.
  4. The most recent poll was taken before Schiff’s large media campaign.  With zero advertising, he managed to increase his numbers from 2 percent to 10 percent.  Since then we have seen a lot of momentum for Schiff here in CT.  He is certainly much higher, but we won’t know how high until another poll is taken.  Linda McMahon has been attacking Rob Simmons on his spending career in Congress.  Rob Simmons is being exposed as a big government statist.  Meanwhile, Linda McMahon has a very high unfavorable  at 30%!  This is likely due to fiscal conservatives being uneasy with her Democratic past  and social conservatives being uneasy with her career.  Rob and Linda are going nowhere!  Schiff is on the rise in Connecticut!
  5. Dick Blumenthal is very bad at speaking.  He will lose any debate against Linda McMahon, Rob Simmons, anyone… now imagine him trying to debate THE Peter Schiff!

Donate now!



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