Kokesh for Congress “Last Chance” (before the primary) Money Bomb is today!

Kokesh for Congress

We all know Michael Maresco for his “go-grassroots-get-out-and-make-things-happen” attitude.  Who else but a truly dedicated champion of freedom would get on a bicycle and pedal across the country (twice, through all kinds of inclement weather) in order to spread the message of Liberty?  Only Michael Maresco would, and only Michael Maresco did.  So it goes without saying that it speaks volumes when someone like Michael gets behind the campaign of a candidate and fellow champion of freedom like Adam Kokesh.

Adam Kokesh is an Iraq war Veteran who’s leadership in combat rose him to the rank of Sergeant and earned him both the Combat Action Ribbon and Navy Commendation Medal.  But through his experiences in Iraq Adam came to understand the true nature of the war he had been asked to fight.  After doing his duty on the battle field Adam did his duty at home and became an outspoken critic of the war.  Now he speaks louder still by running a determined campaign for the U.S. Congress.  Always principled, always fearless and always a leader… it’s easy to understand why Adam Kokesh has attracted such a sought after and dedicated following for his campaign.

Today Michael wrote a letter in support of Adams “Last Chance” (before the primary) Money Bomb that I wanted to share with you.  I hope you’ll enjoy this email and that it will conjure up some of that “fight for our country” spirit that we all share and cherish.  Then I hope you’ll go to http://www.kokeshforcongress.com and give all that you can in support of Adam’s campaign.


Trevor Lyman

# # #

Adam Kokesh remains the tip of the spear for the Liberty Candidates and has been running hard in The Land of Enchantment. In spite of party leaders breaking GOP rules and State Laws, in spite of the incredibly challenging district, (bigger than Pennsylvania with precincts the size of Rhode Island), Adam Kokesh has a good shot at taking the primary.

He has actual enthusiastic volunteers instead of the apparatus of a discredited party. He has the message, and the ability to deliver like few in our movement. He has local support that his opponent cannot hope to match. Adam Kokesh has a good shot at taking the primary (and an even better shot at the general…)

While the campaign has focused more on traditional fundraising techniques than moneybombs, our phone calls of late have seen increasing requests for one. So today is the Kokesh for Congress “Last Chance” (before the primary) Money Bomb.

While the campaign has enough to do a fair amount of mailing/advertising, as you all know, more is better. What we raise today will be icing on cakes to pound our adversaries with. Every dollar you send us today will be used to run ads to get out the Liberty message. To cause political pain to lawless dinosaurs and further raise awareness of a wing of the GOP with integrity. The r3VOLution.



Please help today.


In Liberty,

Michael Maresco
Treasurer – Kokesh For Congress
Liberty Rider

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