UPDATE: Jake Towne, Michael Nystrom, Ron Paul Poll…

Jake Towne Money Bomb

The Jake Towne money drive is making good progress with $3,579 raised so far!  Thank you for your support.

We still have more to go so please support Jake Towne the best you can.  Even a small donation will go a long way.  Can you give $50, $25, or $10 right now to help?


A Message from Michael Nystrom

by Michael Nystrom | bullnotbull.com
June 15 2010
Arlington, MA

michael-nystromI talked to Ron Paul last weekend about the massive financial reform bill that is being finalized in Congress. The House and the Senate have each passed their respective versions of the bill, and now the two must be merged. The result will be the most comprehensive reformation of U.S. financial regulation since the Great Depression.

Please click the link below to read more on this important message and call for action!

Financial Reform Bill Now in Conference – What we said was AUDIT THE FED! >>

POLL: Should Ron Paul Run as an Independent in 2012?

A recent poll from Public Policy Polling (found via LibertyPulse.com) claims that Ron Paul is leading by a very wide margin over Obama among independent voters for the 2012 elections.

All five of the possible GOP contenders lead Obama with independents, but Paul does so by the widest margin at 46-28.

It has been easy in the past to write Paul off as irrelevant but this anti-politician climate is giving his movement some steam.

Click here to read more and to vote in the poll >>

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