The New Schiff Attack Ad Against Linda McMahon!


The new Linda McMahon attack ad from Peter Schiff is here!

In light of the fact that Linda refuses to debate Peter  Schiff I think this ad does a great job of illustrating who Linda really is, a person who would rather fight with cheap shots rather than in a fair and honest manner.  The video is hard hitting in a comical way and I think you’ll really enjoy it.  Please share widely!

This new commercial combined with Peter’s phone banking efforts (over 100,000 calls made already) and the new Schiff RV that is touring Connecticut is enough to win the primary.  But in order to effectively use this new commercial  Peter needs just one more thing- your support!

Please visit and make a contribution to fund this message today.

Also please be sure to check out this great post of 8 Reasons to Donate to Peter Schiff on July 29th (today!) by Michael Nystrom.  It is excellent!

Thank you to everyone who is participating and helping spread the word today.  Your efforts for liberty are so important for the future of our nation (and the world).


Trevor Lyman

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