We Refuse Half Price Sale (Nimble Pig) / PeaceRally.org Update

We Refuse Half Price Sale

Thanks to a generous sponsorship from Nimble Pig, We Refuse is able to release a limited number of half price admission tickets to the One Day Nullification Training Seminar.

The first 50 people to use discount code: “nimble-pig” will receive 50% off the regular admission price to the online webinar.


Get 50% off the the a ticket and a personally autographed copy of Nullification including shipping/handling half off first 50 people pay use discount code “nimble-pig-book” only $45, normally $65.

To order your tickets today please visit: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1028320735

For more information on the event please visit: http://werefuse.com/nullification-course/

Thanks to Nimble Pig and supporters of We Refuse we are setting up social actvist centers in each of the 50 states more details to come!  If you are interested in being a state coordinator email us at info@werefuse.com subject line ‘volunteer’.

Peace Rally.org Update

The Peace Rally activist center continues to make progress with a steady flow of local peace events being listed at the site.

Being a part of PeaceRally.org is simple. If you can make the time to do a sign wave with some friends please create an account at PeaceRally.org, list your sign wave and invite your friends. Then take pictures and video and inspire others to takes action. This is how it gets started. A few people take action and inspire others to do the same. Even just creating an account will help create momentum for the site and inspire others to take to the streets.

Please take action and inspire others to do the same by creating your account at PeaceRally.org right now. Remember to click the confirmation email so that your account is activated.


See you there!


Trevor Lyman

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