– Phil Moffett MoneyBomb

It’s time for the liberty movement to push back against the unconstitutional federal departments and today we have our best opportunity to do so in Phil Moffett.

Phil Moffett is a state sovereignty candidate running for Governor of Kentucky.  Phil is committed to using Jefferson’s principle of nullification to fight back against the Federal government. Phil has pledged to nullify the FDA, the DEA and the Dept. of Agriculture off of Kentucky farms…and that is for just for starters.

Please join us this April 4th-5th for a 48 hour money bomb in support of the Phil Moffet for Governor of Kentucky campaign.

2 Responses to – Phil Moffett MoneyBomb

  1. I am not a resident of kentucky, but I will support Phil none the less.

    The FDA has used heavy handedness with our medical device company to supress technology that is a painless, safe, and effective cure for a childhood disease, Molluscum Contagiosum because it uses silver ions and thus is not patentable and presents competition to the large drug companies.

  2. Jean Raby says:

    It’s very obvious that the business of the FDA is not protecting the public, but protecting big business, be it drugs or agriculture.
    Nullifying the FDA should be a nationwide effort. Better yet, get rid of it and start over.

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